Monthly Archives: July 2016

Patch Notes Beta 1.0.6

Hi guys! We’re very greatful for all the feedback we’ve been receiving during the last few weeks, and that’s what our latest improvements are mostly based on. Thank you so much! In the new patch you’ll find these changes and fixes: added: dedicated backdash button (down+jump still works). added: some more chests, save points and […]

Weekly Update #5 – Controls and Stamina

When you play a game, or rather to enjoy playing said game, one of the most important things is to have well implemented controls for the game. This is especially true then it’s a game where your success depends on reflexes and the controls ability to relay that into the game. I’ve spent a lot […]

Weekly Update #4 – Localizing the Game

Momento Temporis is, as you know, a fairly complex game with lots of little bits of text popping up here and there. Because of this localization has always felt very important to me so that the game can be easily accessible for a wider audience. At the moment the game is available in English, Swedish, […]

Patch Notes Beta 1.0.3

Hi everyone! Over the weekend we’ve been working on fixing a few things that’s been reported to me by you guys, thanks so much for that by the way. In this patch you’ll find these changes: added: missing sound for acid spitting creature in Red Caves added: changelog page in main menu changed: projectile trajectory […]

Momento Temporis is live on Steam!

Finally the day has arrived. Momento Temporis: Light from the Deep just went live into Steam’s Early Access program. I’m beyond excited about this! 🙂 The plan for Early Access is to make periodic updates through patches and regular communication with the community through the Steam platform. As the work continues I’ll try to be […]