Development Update and Upcoming Sale!

September 27, 2016

The past few weeks has seen a lot of feedback coming in about Momento Temporis and after looking through those and thinking it through carefully we’ve come to the decision that the game is not going to be released this week as previously announced. Of course this is not ideal but it’s the best decision for the game in the long run. We won’t leave you totally empty handed though, there will be a bigger patch in the near future.

To make the game even better this is what we’ve decided for the continued development.

To get even more feedback from more players there will be a sale starting Thursday. The game will be available at 50% discount for a limited time only and hopefully this will lead to lots of feedback on how to improve the game. Or even better, get an even heavier discount by buying the 501 Industries bundle and get Pro Gamer Manager as well.

Momento Temporis will when going into full release be divided into parts. Part one is almost complete as you read this. The rest will be developed later, after the full release of part one, and will of course not come as a paid DLCs, you’ll still get all that’s been planned all along as free updates, just in a slightly different manner.

/Dev Team