Momento Temporis to be fully released this Thursday, October 27th!

October 25, 2016

Announcement 2016-10-25

After working through everything with the help of beta testers the game is now ready to be fully released!

Note that this is the first part of the game going into full release, there’s still more to come before the game is complete. This first part of the game has reached it’s complete and finished state.

So what’s in this first part?

  • There are three major areas to play, Grasslands, Red Caves and Cold Mountain.
  • In the game you’ll encounter enemies and bosses of varying difficulty. Killing these have many perks, not just the fact that they can’t kill you when they’re dead. And don’t miss out on the slow mo effects!
  • Visit the challenge rooms to hone your skills and earn yourself bragging rights in the community. ;)
  • Go through the world with a fine tooth comb and a healthy dose of imagination to find all the secrets hidden throughout.

For this and much more, check out the full release version this Thursday!

/Dev team