Momento Temporis to be fully released September 29th!

2016-08-26 Full release

I’m happy to announce that Momento Temporis: Light from the Deep will go into full release on September 29th! I’m so excited about this. And a tiny bit stressed out. 🙂 But I believe this is the way to go with the game and I hope you’re going to love the full version.

What does this mean for the game?

For the full release I plan on implementing these things:

  • Expand and improve the tutorial as well as adding control hints to help new players.
  • Tweak, improve and add more monsters.
  • Add more puzzles and rooms to be explored.
  • Improve the current AI.
  • Implement more animations for a richer gaming experience.
  • Include more powerups.

2016-08-26  Zoomed map 2016-08-26  Worm bounce (Red Caves) 2016-08-26  Fall damage (Cold Mountain) 2016-08-26  Death screen

These are the things I have planned but please note that they’re not set in stone and things might be added or removed as I continue with the development.

I just want to add that I’m happy to see all the new videos popping up on YouTube on a daily basis. Know that I try to look at as many as possible and I do take all feedback into consideration.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to mark down September 29th in your calendars. 🙂

/Dev team

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Download the demo for Momento Temporis today!


Great news for all of you who’ve wanted to try out Momento Temporis! There’s now a downloadable demo for both PC and Mac which will let you play the very beginning of the game and let you get a feel for the story and the gameplay.  

As always, all feedback is much appreciated.

2016-08-23 Demo (Grasslands) 2016-08-23 Demo (main menu)

/Dev team

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Giveaway on IndieDB TODAY!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to remind you all that I’m doing a massive give away on IndieDB today. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to snag an extra copy of the game to give to a friend. Or try the game out yourself if you haven’t gotten around to getting a copy yet 😉  

Be sure to check out the new video showing off some of the new features from yesterday’s patch and keep the feedback coming. I’d love to hear more of your ideas for the game and your thoughts about it so far.

Have a great gaming weekend!

/Dev team

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Patch Notes Beta 1.1


The new patch for Momento Temporis is finally here, and as you can see it’s massive! Lots of new things added, a few things fine tuned and a couple fixed or removed. I’ve put in a lot of thought and time into making the changes below and I hope you’ll all like the way it’s turned out. 🙂

The biggest changes you will see right of the bar is Hanias new fighting style, and the new ways in which Hania’s affected by things that happens like  the “rage energy”. Other things are more subtle like new sounds and things that change over time as you play.

Please NOTE: Some controls has been reset for this version. Sorry about that!

Here’s the full list of changes:


  • a new kick attack for Hania.
  • attack power upgrades.
  • enemies now sometimes drop rage energy which increases Hania’s damage for a short time.
  • attacking things from behind deals more damage.
  • fall onto an enemy from far above to bop their head.
  • killing lots of enemies now slowly increases attack speed.
  • drinking potions now increases potion efficiency.
  • an icon is shown when consumables can’t be used.
  • walking/running a lot now slowly increases stamina usage efficiency.
  • last death location is now visible on the map.
  • dead enemies can now be kicked around (because why not?)
  • occasional slow motion kills!
  • a new spell caster enemy in Grasslands.
  • a potion chest right before the first boss.
  • save slots can now be erased by pressing the Delete key.
  • some missing sounds.


  • one spell casting button.


  • enemies don’t respawn immediately when leaving rooms.
  • the explored map is now partially preserved upon death.
  • health & mana potions no longer fills 100%.
  • items are dropped from dead enemies more frequently.
  • tougher opponents drop items more often than weaker ones.
  • increased backdash distance.


  • information not showing up when picking up important items.
  • some stone blocks breaking when punching them.
  • controls can’t be bound properly to Xbox controller triggers.
  • crash when multiple controls were bound to the same button.
  • various bugs.

Since I’m spending most of my time developing this in my own bubble I’d really love to hear from you, so don’t be shy with comments or suggestions. 🙂

Right! Don’t forget that the release of this patch will be celebrated with a huge giveaway on IndieDB. You don’t want to miss out on this so head over there now

2016-08-04 Rage mode (Grasslands) Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 10.08.52 Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 10.02.26 Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 15.22.11

Happy gaming!

/Dev team

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New patch on the 18th will be celebrated with giveaway

IndieDB Giveaway

We’re happy to announce that we’re going to have a give away on IndieDB next Friday, August 19th, to celebrate the new patch going live. Make sure to mark down the competition page today. The competition runs on a first come first served basis so make sure you’re not late to the party! 🙂

As you might have guessed from that a brand new patch will go live next week, more exactly on August 18th. The new patch will feature (among other things):

– a new way to fight
– more secrets and treasures to find
– rage
– new ways to kill

Apart from adding new things we’ve also worked hard on fixing reported bugs. Please let us know if you find any so we can fix them as soon as possible.

Fireball Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 10.13.06 Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 10.14.36 Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 13.10.52 Skärmavbild 2016-08-11 kl. 13.11.19

Don’t forget to join our discord channel (link below) so we can chat 🙂

Happy gaming!

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Weekly Update #6 – Marketing + Teaser

The journey of Momento Temporis continues! First of all; a huge shoutout to all of you guys for your amazing support so far. Game development can be a rollercoaster, but when you can see that there’s people out there who actually enjoy your work it makes it all worthwhile.

It’s been four weeks now since the release and so far everything seems to go rather smoothly. Recently we’ve been working really hard to go viral and spread the word about Momento Temporis to as many of you as possible on different platforms. This is a vital part of game development, as it makes it possible for us to interact with you guys on a more intimate level. It’s also gives us a chance to update you about what’s happening in our world.

We mainly use twitter and steam to communicate as we think it’s the best way to reach out our players, and one of the easiest way for you to reach us. We’re also frequently updating our website, facebook and youtube-page, as well as our IndieDB and reddit-page, to make sure you guys are able to keep up with our work. 🙂

Your feedback is what truly matters to us. We want to hear what you have to say and therefore give you the opportunity to join our Discord channel!

Discord is a chatroom where you’ll be able to talk direclty to us about Momento Temporis. Do you have any suggestions, feedback or general thoughts about improvements? Just send us a message and we’ll be sure to answer all your questions!

Finishing this week’s post with a sneak peek of things to come in the game:

2016-08-04 Rage mode (Grasslands) 2016-08-04 Power upgrade (Red Caves) 2016-08-04 Kick attack (Red Caves) 2016-08-04 Keep map on death

Don’t be afraid to get in touch 🙂

Happy playing!

/Dev team

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Patch Notes Beta 1.0.6

Hi guys!

We’re very greatful for all the feedback we’ve been receiving during the last few weeks, and that’s what our latest improvements are mostly based on. Thank you so much!

In the new patch you’ll find these changes and fixes:

  • added: dedicated backdash button (down+jump still works).
  • added: some more chests, save points and secrets in Grasslands.
  • added: a shortcut in Grasslands.
  • added: some new rooms in Red Caves.
  • added: dashing into things that can’t be staggered makes the player bounce off.
  • added: some menu sounds and animations.
  • changed: spikes now kill enemies instantly.
  • changed: items and spells can now be unequipped.
  • changed: all sounds now stop when pausing the game.
  • changed: nerfed the first turret enemy you encounter.
  • changed: nerfed ogres in Grasslands.
  • fixed: jumping upwards between rooms is now less annoying.
  • fixed: game not responding while being paused.
  • fixed: some issues with how Chinese text were drawn on screen.

We hope you’ll find these changes helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions and don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have any thoughts about how to improve Momento Temporis further. Also, feel free to join our Discord channel at any time if you want to speak directly to our developers!

Happy playing!

/Dev team

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Weekly Update #5 – Controls and Stamina

When you play a game, or rather to enjoy playing said game, one of the most important things is to have well implemented controls for the game. This is especially true then it’s a game where your success depends on reflexes and the controls ability to relay that into the game.

I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the controls in Momento Temporis and I like to think that I’ve done a good job in keeping them as simple as possible. You can attack with your fists in melee combat, block attacks, jump in any direction and activate levers – those are the basics, all accessible by a simple push of a button. There’s also backdashing for avoiding attacks, a combo attack, a dash ability and a jump upgrade that requires a combination of buttons, but by that time the player has use for those they should have gotten a hang of the basic controls. I may add more combos as the game grows.

One thing that makes the game a bit more challenging to play is the player’s stamina value, indicated in the game by a yellow bar. Most physical actions cost stamina to use, and when your stamina runs out you can’t attack or block properly and you run risk of getting the ‘staggering’ status effect. Trying to do too many things at the same time will also cause you to get exhausted which results in slower movement. To sum up, stamina management is kind of important if you want to get any good at this game. 😉

Happy gaming!

And don’t be shy in getting in touch. I truly enjoy talking to you guys about the game.

/Dev team

Weekly Update #4 – Localizing the Game


Momento Temporis is, as you know, a fairly complex game with lots of little bits of text popping up here and there. Because of this localization has always felt very important to me so that the game can be easily accessible for a wider audience. At the moment the game is available in English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Simplified Chinese, German and Portuguese. The plan is to keep adding on to these as time goes by.

Implementing the different languages has had it’s challenges…

Firstly there’s the problem of space in the game. The amount of characters used for each language for a specific text is different which means that some texts in some languages take up a lot of space while the same texts in another language takes up almost no space at all in comparison. For example, Russian often takes up at least twice as much space as Chinese, so the menus, HUD and so on has to account for that.

Secondly, for the game to be able to switch language on the fly, all texts has to be retrieved dynamically from a database, as opposed to the texts being hardcoded into the game. In Momento Temporis I solved this problem by giving all the texts a unique ID. When a text is to be displayed in the game the code says “display the text with this ID here” and the text with that ID is shown in the language the player has chosen.

The last challenge I had was that the game uses a set of pixel art fonts I’ve made myself which works well for texts in all currently supported languages, except for Chinese. As you may know, Chinese has a lot of characters and making a pixel art font for the language would be a ton of work so I opted to use an existing font someone else made. This means that in addition to retrieving different texts for each language, the code also states which font is to be used for that text.

As always I’d love to hear from you guys. Send your feedback to or send me a message on Steam or Twitter.

/Dev team

Patch Notes Beta 1.0.3

Hi everyone!

Over the weekend we’ve been working on fixing a few things that’s been reported to me by you guys, thanks so much for that by the way.

In this patch you’ll find these changes:

  • added: missing sound for acid spitting creature in Red Caves
  • added: changelog page in main menu
  • changed: projectile trajectory for acid spitting creature in Red Caves
  • fixed: crash in an area only reachable using spring jump in Grasslands
  • fixed: crash when starting a game
  • fixed: occasional crash when fighting Giant Worm

As I mentioned, feedback from you guys about that you want to see happen with the game and things that aren’t working properly, please just shoot us a message at and we’ll have a look at it.

Happy gaming!