Patch Notes Beta 1.2

September 30, 2016

In lieu of the full release, here’s a major patch for you all to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the special sale that’s on now, grab your copy before it’s gone. :)

All changes are noted below.


  • more rooms to Grasslands.
  • new enemy types to Grasslands and Red Caves.
  • more rooms to the first/tutorial area.
  • jump kick attack for Hania.
  • punch and kick combo attacks.
  • several small upgrade items.
  • more information on the player death screen.
  • rage energy now also increases attack speed.
  • a combo tutorial room.
  • a visual cue when Hania is exhausted from too many quick action inputs.
  • the stamina and breath meters now flash when empty.
  • falling too far onto the ground affects Hania negatively.
  • control icons/hints over interactable objects and in menus.
  • the map can now be zoomed in and panned.
  • some missing animations to existing monsters.
  • random idle animations for Hania.
  • options: controls can be reset to default.
  • options: gamepad button icon style can be changed for supported gamepads.


  • animations and timing of Hania's attacks.
  • first boss (Artifact Guardians) has been remade completely. graphical style of some rooms in Grasslands.
  • graphical style of some rooms in Red Caves.
  • how far monsters fly when you kill them.
  • room transition animation.


  • text looking corrupted or missing when recording the game with Fraps.
  • various bugs.

2016-09-30 Spin Kick (Cold Mountain)2016-09-30 Punch Tutorial (Grasslands)2016-09-30 Mud Room (Grasslands)2016-09-30 Earth Pillar (Grasslands)2016-09-30 Big Worm (Red Caves)

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