Update 1.2

January 12, 2018

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a good start of the new year.

It's time for another update of Momento Temporis! It's mostly a bunch of small changes and fixes, but there's also a couple of new additions.

I added some visual feedback when Hania touches mana blocks. It adds a little bit of clarity and looks kinda nice.

Hania's eyes now adapt to darkness. This adds something of a small HDR effect to the game.

A special change in this update is that the resolution is much higher. Why would higher resolution matter in a "low resolution pixel-art game" you ask? It may not be not super noticeable until you look more closely, but all movements are a lot smoother now. Do you notice how jittery the background layers are in the GIF animation here below in the "old" clip compared to the "new"?

In other words, the game now internally makes use of subpixels. This lessens the "retro" look slightly, so if you don't like it you can decrease the internal resolution to 1x in the new Graphics options screen.

Yup, some graphics options have been added. Nothing too special here.

Another small change is that some messages now appear close to Hania instead of all the way at the top of the screen.

The map screen also got a bit of an update. There are no longer two zoom levels - only one, with all the icons the zoomed-in view had before. The teleportation map highlights all target locations better, and it's now possible to view the maps of all the visited areas no matter where you currently happen to be.

The keyboard/gamepad input system has been reprogrammed entirely, so gamepads can now be configured properly and the Keybinds options screen is a bit nicer. The keybinds don't magically jump around anymore if you happen to switch to a new gamepad.


Here's the full changelog for version 1.2...

NOTE: Keybinds have been reset in this version. Sorry about that!


  • Increased the internal screen resolution. This makes all movements look as smooth as butter!
  • Added graphics options, like exclusive/borderless fullscreen, vsync and resolution.
  • Added option for room transition animations. The "fade" animation may be preferred for people who easily get motion sickness.
  • Added option to disable down+jump=backdash.
  • Hania's eyes now adjust to darkness.
  • Added a cinematic letterbox when a cutscene of some kind is playing.
  • The Lightbeam spell now alerts bats when hit.
  • Added an impact effect to the Particle spell.
  • Mana blocks now flash or disintegrate when touched.


  • Removed queuing of actions, but some actions like jumping are a bit easier to perform.
  • The keyboard/gamepad input system has been rewritten entirely and, as a result, all keybinds have been reset. Gamepads can now be configured properly.
  • Improved performance. (A lot in some places!)
  • Improved map functionality and visuals.
  • Improved hitboxes.
  • Improved menus a bit. (Mouse navigation is even possible, to some extent.)
  • Some messages now appear near Hania instead of at the top of the screen.
  • Room transitions are slightly faster.


  • The effect of upgrading the Attack Speed is now more linear/consistent. (May or may not be very noticeable.)
  • Fixed disabled upgrades appearing in the world even after having been picked up.
  • Fixed bats being able to attack Hania while going through door entrances.
  • Fixed white texts not being visible against bright backgrounds.
  • Fixed backdashing into a wall causing Hania to bounce off it.
  • Fixed weird positional "snapping" when jumping up alongside some obstacles/edges.
  • Fixed the Stomp spell playing a sound even though the stomp didn't trigger (because of being out of stamina).
  • Fixed Hania being able to push blocks while attacking.
  • Fixed a couple of pressure plates in Cold Mountain not staying pressed after being activated.
  • Fixed room transition animation not working if Hania is taking damage.
  • Fixed Hania being able to stand on certain edges on some walls.
  • Fixed an issue involving getting killed by the artifact container in the first boss room.
  • Fixed weird one-pixel gaps in menus in macOS.
  • The game is now internally locked at 60 FPS which should fix issues with e.g. not being able to jump out of water.
  • Fixed various other smaller bugs.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates Soon™!