Weekly Update #3 - Post-Greenlight Development

June 22, 2016

Post-Greenlight Development (2016-06-21)

As I’m working away on doing all the implementations for releasing the game on Steam Early Access you might be wondering what will be different in this version of the game. In one way it’s going to be the exact same version that you can already buy through the website, with some Steam specific improvements. I will be adding automatic syncing of save files using Steam Cloud for those who play on multiple computers as well as adding better support for the Steam Controller. These things should not take long, so expect a releasedate to come soon.

Looking to the continued development of Momento Temporis I can tell you that I have plans to expand the game in installments with smaller updates to fix bugs and such, as well as bigger ones opening up large new areas to explore. At the moment I’m planning a total of eight different areas for the game, including the already existing three. Porting the game to more platforms is also something I’m considering, especially since people are already asking for a Linux version. :)

I’m also thinking about live streaming development sessions on Twitch as well as showing off parts of the game if anyone would be interested in tuning in to something like that. Please let me know and I’ll set it up.

Don’t be shy with getting in touch with me about your thoughts and questions, I’d love to hear from you.

/Dev team