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Dev Update February 2017

  Hi guys, Hope you’re all well and that you’re continuing to enjoy the adventure that is Momento Temporis. Lately I’ve been working on creating something new that will add on to the large Momento Temporis universe, so while I continue working on the story, I will shortly be able to present a small enjoyable […]

Weekly Update #6 – Marketing + Teaser

The journey of Momento Temporis continues! First of all; a huge shoutout to all of you guys for your amazing support so far. Game development can be a rollercoaster, but when you can see that there’s people out there who actually enjoy your work it makes it all worthwhile. It’s been four weeks now since the release […]

Weekly Update #5 – Controls and Stamina

When you play a game, or rather to enjoy playing said game, one of the most important things is to have well implemented controls for the game. This is especially true then it’s a game where your success depends on reflexes and the controls ability to relay that into the game. I’ve spent a lot […]

Weekly Update #4 – Localizing the Game

Momento Temporis is, as you know, a fairly complex game with lots of little bits of text popping up here and there. Because of this localization has always felt very important to me so that the game can be easily accessible for a wider audience. At the moment the game is available in English, Swedish, […]

Weekly Update #3 – Post-Greenlight Development

As I’m working away on doing all the implementations for releasing the game on Steam Early Access you might be wondering what will be different in this version of the game. In one way it’s going to be the exact same version that you can already buy through the website, with some Steam specific improvements. […]

Weekly Update #2 – Metroidvanias

Today I thought I would share with you a little bit about my relationship with Metroidvanias. I’ve always liked the Metroidvania format for games. The freedom the genre brings to the player when it comes to exploration and backtracking, and the progression through the game when you get new unique abilities that opens up previously […]

Weekly Update #1

The road to getting greenlit is going from sprint to marathon. Please help us reach our goal. This week has been filled with writing emails, writing emails and then writing some emails 🙂 Ah, the glorious work of trying to get your game noticed 🙂 And we’re happy to say that all that work has […]