Momento Temporis to be fully released September 29th!

August 26, 2016

2016-08-26 Full release

I’m happy to announce that Momento Temporis: Light from the Deep will go into full release on September 29th! I’m so excited about this. And a tiny bit stressed out. :) But I believe this is the way to go with the game and I hope you’re going to love the full version.

What does this mean for the game?

For the full release I plan on implementing these things:

  • Expand and improve the tutorial as well as adding control hints to help new players.
  • Tweak, improve and add more monsters.
  • Add more puzzles and rooms to be explored.
  • Improve the current AI.
  • Implement more animations for a richer gaming experience.
  • Include more powerups.

2016-08-26  Zoomed map 2016-08-26  Worm bounce (Red Caves) 2016-08-26  Fall damage (Cold Mountain) 2016-08-26  Death screen

These are the things I have planned but please note that they’re not set in stone and things might be added or removed as I continue with the development.

I just want to add that I’m happy to see all the new videos popping up on YouTube on a daily basis. Know that I try to look at as many as possible and I do take all feedback into consideration.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to mark down September 29th in your calendars. :)

/Dev team

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