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Update 1.2

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good start of the new year. It’s time for another update of Momento Temporis! It’s mostly a bunch of small changes and fixes, but there’s also a couple of new additions. I added some visual feedback when Hania touches mana blocks. It adds a little bit of clarity […]

Patch Notes 1.1.1 and New Year Greetings!

Hi Guys! Hope 2017 has treated you well so far. Here’s the somewhat delayed update that we promised. Additions: A new section in the innermost part of Cold Mountain. Changes: Changed some texts into icons instead. Nerfed the yetis a bit. Fixes: Crash caused by too large textures. Blocking no longer works against acid when […]

Patch Notes 1.0.2

Hi, Here’s an update based on community feedback. Please keep it coming. Added More map icons! Changed Teleporting is now enabled everywhere when the current end of the game has been reached. Rage energy now never runs out during a jump. Fixed Control hint for backdashing is now less confusing. Happy gaming! /Dev team

Patch Notes Beta 1.2

In lieu of the full release, here’s a major patch for you all to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the special sale that’s on now, grab your copy before it’s gone. 🙂 All changes are noted below. Added: more rooms to Grasslands. new enemy types to Grasslands and Red Caves. more rooms to the first/tutorial […]

Patch Notes Beta 1.1

The new patch for Momento Temporis is finally here, and as you can see it’s massive! Lots of new things added, a few things fine tuned and a couple fixed or removed. I’ve put in a lot of thought and time into making the changes below and I hope you’ll all like the way it’s […]

Patch Notes Beta 1.0.6

Hi guys! We’re very greatful for all the feedback we’ve been receiving during the last few weeks, and that’s what our latest improvements are mostly based on. Thank you so much! In the new patch you’ll find these changes and fixes: added: dedicated backdash button (down+jump still works). added: some more chests, save points and […]

Patch Notes Beta 1.0.3

Hi everyone! Over the weekend we’ve been working on fixing a few things that’s been reported to me by you guys, thanks so much for that by the way. In this patch you’ll find these changes: added: missing sound for acid spitting creature in Red Caves added: changelog page in main menu changed: projectile trajectory […]